SalesForce Marketing Cloud Training

Overview of SFMC tools

1. Marketing Cloud Basics 30 min
2. Email Studio basics 40 min
3. Marketing Cloud Products 20 min

Technical how-to (build and send emails)

4. Email Creation and Sending 1 hr
5. Content Builder Features 45 min
6. Audience Segmentation 1 hr 10 min

Email content/marketing concepts

7. Marketing Content Creation 20 min
8. Email Marketing Strategies 1 hr 20 min

More resources at (filter by Product: Marketing Cloud).

ASU/College recommendations and best practices:

  • Always use Data Extensions instead of Lists
  • When creating a Data Extension, make an email field the unique key and relate it to the Email Address field in the all subscribers list. The training modules above use an ID field as an example.

Email: for ASU marketing cloud support